Katarina Alaupovic

Copywriter + Content Strategist


Katarina Alaupovic

I'm a writer and content marketing expert with 10 years of experience in online marketing, communications and journalism writing.


Stay & Play

How do you keep the kids occupied and happy while squeezing in some “me” time for a spa treatment or a round of golf?
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6 Unexpected Amenities at Scottsdale Malls

We’re going to let you in on a secret – well, six of them. Scottsdale’s most popular shopping destinations are known for their top-tier boutiques and outstanding restaurants, but it’s these unexpected amenities that are sure to make your retail-loving heart beat just a little faster.
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Local Gems

No one needs another city-branded coffee mug to collect dust in the kitchen cabinet. Remember your trip to Scottsdale with a unique memento from these one-off shops instead.
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Fin + Field

Named Monterey Marriott's new farm-to-table restaurant.
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Fin + Field Menu

Wrote branded copy for Fin + Field restaurant menu and collateral.
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JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa Alaska Airlines Ad

Wrote copy for resort advertisement in Alaska Airlines magazine.
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Scottsdale Wedding Guide

Wrote copy for Experience Scottsdale's 2013 Scottsdale Wedding Guide.
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Waste to Energy: 5 Cool Things Powered By Waste

Developed and managed content marketing and blog strategy in the green energy sector.
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Katarina Alaupovic

I'm a self-described Type A personality who has a knack for detail and completing projects within a given deadline. I work with businesses across many industries - from travel and hospitality to consumer goods and even green energy - to bring their voice and vision to life with content that is engaging, informative and true-to-brand.

I'm a journalist who also has a professional background in marketing and communications, so I can do everything from simple copywriting projects to full-on strategic content marketing and editorial planning.

I've named restaurants, written press releases, crafted copy for websites and even managed entire company blogs. Ask me about my work.

Drop me a line and let me know how I can help you!

katarina [at] redefinedcomm [dot] com.



  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Brand Voice
  • Editorial Direction
  • Editorial Planning
  • Content Auditing & Concepting
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Editing
  • Copywriting